Ayako is inspired by a Japanese student of the Meiji era Her Kimono is completely hand-sewn like her Hakama trouser skirt, made from an original Japanese pattern

The sculpture is about 12,9 inches(31cm) with her base. And about 16 inches (43cm) with Japanese pampas grass

Price  900$ + shipping – Contact  [email protected]

Belle in the castle room

Two rooms and two fantastic landscapes, my interpretation of Beauty waiting for the Beast in the secret room of the castle and Arora the Sleeping Beauty waiting for the prince in her bed full of roses.

Price $ 2800 + shippingSOLD – Please contact [email protected]

Principessa Sissi

I am literally in love with Sissi’s dream dress worn by Romy Schneider who embodies a fairy tale in the 1955 film that marked my childhood … this is my tribute!

The sculpture is about 19,3 inches(50 cm) with her base

Price € 2200 + shipping – Contact [email protected]

Silent-The Venetian Mask

Inspired by the traditional masks of the Venice carnival

The  polymerclay sculpture is about 24 inches(62cm) with her base.

Price  $ 1800 + shipping  SOLD – Contact  [email protected]


Golden nuances Lady

Inspired by my favorite colors: pink and gold. With her mask she is ready for an elegant carnival party.

The sculpture is about 15,3 inches(39 cm) with her base and her hat.

It’ s possible to provide a lower base ON REQUEST 13 inches whit new base (33cm)
Price € 600 + shipping – Contact [email protected]

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